Professors Can Come In All Flavors

| USA | Learning | September 16, 2014

(My college has just recently built a new lab school, which houses a play-based daycare. It also has classrooms for the college students, an office for the head of the department, and a large common area. A classmate and I are in the common area, working together on our final projects. From the common area, we can see one of our professors and the head of the department in her office, in a heated discussion. After a few minutes, our professor comes out and stands in front of us.)

Professor: “Girls, I’m glad you’re here. I have a question to ask.”

Us: “Okay?”

Professor: “Who’s that rap artist with the big clock around his neck?”

Me: “You mean Flavor Flav?”

Professor: “I knew it. I was right. Thanks!”

(She goes back into the office and closes the door. My classmate and I just look at each other.)

Classmate: “Did she seriously just…?”

Me: “I have no idea what that was about.”

(Both professors then exited the office and offered us chocolate. We decided not to question it too much!)

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