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Profess To Be The Professor

| Learning | February 4, 2014

(Today is the first day of the course. As in most colleges and universities, my school follows the policy where if the professor doesn’t show after 15 minutes, the students are allowed to leave without fear of being penalized. Despite my professor being a no-show for more than 15 minutes, only one student has left the classroom. Suddenly, a man gets up from his desk from the back of the room and makes his way to the professor’s desk.)

Man: “Hello, everyone! I’m the professor for this course. I was actually testing you all to see if anyone would leave before the 15 minute mark. Congrats, you all pass!”

(At this point, he begins to empty his bag on the desk and fiddle around with the computer. After a moment or two, while he starts to arrange a pile of papers, everyone begins to take out their supplies again. This continues for a good five minutes.)

Man: “Right! Sooo…”

(All of a sudden, he quickly gathers all of his things, jams them back into his bag, and says:)

Man: “Nope. JK, peeps! I’m not the professor. I have no idea where he is. SEE YA!”

(The man walked right out! We sat in stunned silence until a teacher’s aide came in minutes later and informed us that the professor had called in and cancelled class.)

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