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Profesora Jekyll Y Señora Hyde

, , , , | Learning | February 11, 2020

(Our Spanish teacher is usually really nice. This week, we have a quiz, a big project, and a test all in Spanish. On Monday, we have the quiz. On Tuesday, we have time to work on the project. Our teacher is checking to see how much work we have done.)

Teacher: *angrily to the whole class* “I am disappointed in you guys. You are all extremely behind! I know that some of you will leave this to the last minute and I know that a few of your projects will look like Google translate. I’ll be surprised if I’m not sitting in front of the honor board with at least one of you. Because I know that you guys are going to cheat!”

(She continues ranting to us for ten minutes about how she knows we are all going to cheat and get expelled. We are all pretty surprised at this reaction as nobody has even gone as far as passing in a homework assignment late. The next day, we are all nervous about going back to the class. My friend and I both have social anxiety and our nicest teacher unexpectedly screaming at us didn’t help. Nonetheless, we all show up to class on time worried about being yelled at.)

Teacher: *calmly and kindly* “So, a lot of you did pretty badly on the quiz. A lot of you guys failed.” 

(For the whole class, she is really kind again and explains everything we got wrong on the quiz.)

Teacher: *as we are leaving* “I will not postpone the tests! You guys need to start being responsible; I expect better from high-schoolers!”

(Nobody asked her to move the test. She just decided that that was worth yelling about. Oh, did I mention that this is a class of mostly freshmen? And that it’s a new school to a lot of us, as well? We take our tests and get them back after the weekend.)

Teacher: “The class average was 95%! And there were several 100s. Only one of you failed. I am really surprised none of you cheated. I was sure I was going to get someone expelled!”

(I still don’t know why she was so sure that we would cheat, but also, she left some posters on the wall that had a few things that would help out on the test. And I’m pretty sure more than a few of us noticed.)

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