Produce-ing Some Comedy

, , , , | Right | October 21, 2018

(I am working the self-service registers in a local grocery store. There are many people who come to the registers not knowing how to use them. One day, a little old Italian couple comes up to a free register. The husband takes his groceries and starts scanning them, making little joyous noises every time it beeps. The wife stands behind him with her arms crossed. Then the husband pulls out a head of cabbage, places it on the scanner, and stares at it.)

Husband: *throws hands in the air* “It doesn’t work!”

Wife: *stream of fluent Italian that sounds angry*

Husband: *picks cabbage up and places it back down* “It doesn’t work!”

(I see this is going nowhere so I step up to them.)

Me: “Hello, with produce you have to press the produce button on the screen here…” *points out button and presses it* “…and find your product from the list. So, this is cabbage, and it’s under C.”

(I press the buttons for them and place it in the bag. They both nod and smile happily at me. I step away to let them finish, but see the husband pull out some onions, place them on the scanner, and stare at them.)

Husband: “It doesn’t work!”

Wife: *stream of angry Italian complete with hand actions*

Me: *almost dies from laughter, then helps them finish the rest of their produce*

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