Produce Bag Produces Results

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It’s March 2020 and I’m shopping for my weekly groceries at my local supermarket. It’s easy to tell that people are freaking out; many people are wearing rubber gloves and almost everyone is keeping silent and has a frown on their face. I’m feeling rather down about it all, until I notice one particular shopper.

This man must have entered the store, seen everyone with gloves, and thought to himself, “Shoot! I didn’t bring gloves! Gotta do something quick!” So he improvised a solution by grabbing some of those flimsy plastic produce bags and putting them on over his hands! 

I stop in my tracks, watching him flap around, trying to keep the bags from floating off of his arms, and doing an impressive dance to keep from dropping heavy cans of soup with the slippery bags on his hands. I barely manage to keep from laughing in front of him, but I have a grin on my face for the rest of the time I am in the store. 

Thank you, random produce-bag man, for giving your fellow shoppers something to smile about when we needed it most! I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.

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