Problem Exists Between Technician And Chair

| Working | November 12, 2013

(This story takes place when iGoogle is still active. I come in to work one morning to see my computer has contracted a virus. Following company protocol, I call the IT department to fix it. The IT technician comes down to my computer, and I start showing the problem.)

Technician: “Whoa! Stop right there! What’s that?”

Me: “That’s just iGoogle.”


Me: “What? What? What’s going on?”

Technician: “I’ve never seen a virus do this before.”

Me: “What’s it doing?”

Technician: “Somehow, the virus has hacked your browser, and it’s directing you to its own Google knock-off called ‘iGoogle.'”

Me: “No. What iGoogle is—”

Technician: “Don’t panic, sir! I’ve got this completely under control. You’d better go get a coffee or something; this could take me a few hours. Wow, seeing a virus direct you away from Google like that. This is something new…”

(Confused, I walk away and let the technician get to work. A few hours later, I return to a very exhausted IT guy.)

Technician: “It took some doing, but your computer doesn’t direct to iGoogle anymore! What I had to do was create a completely new user account, and transfer all your information into the new user account! Hopefully, the virus is contained in the old user account!”

Me: “Why didn’t you just run the anti-virus software?”

Technician: “The what now?”

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