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Probably Thinks They Shouldn’t Be Paid, Either

, , , , | Right | September 21, 2021

It’s the opening night of a big movie and we’re staying open later than usual, so we’re all working nine-hour shifts. We’re between shows and it’s pretty dead in the lobby. Since the staff is working over six hours, we’re required to get a half-hour break. Half the staff is sent on break and their registers are closed. I’m one of the remaining people watching the concession stand.

A small, bespectacled man in his forties or fifties comes out to get a popcorn refill and waits at one of the closed registers. I motion him over to my registers.

Me: “I can help you over here, sir.”

Customer: *Walking up to me* “What happened to the girl who was working here?”

Me: “She’s on her break.”

The man shoves his popcorn bucket into my hands.

Customer: “Break? How idiotic. You people don’t deserve breaks.”

I give him a fake laugh while I scoop his popcorn, thinking he’s joking. He aggressively snatches his popcorn out of my hands.

Customer: *Bluntly* “I wasn’t being funny. People who work jobs like this aren’t good enough for breaks.”

He turned and walked away while I stood stunned. I really hate some people.

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