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Probably Found Out The Hard Way

, , , , , | Working | December 23, 2020

I am a scanning clerk at an auto dealership. My basic job, while simple enough to do, requires software training that nobody else but my coworker has onsite. Without us, there aren’t digital records of parts ordered, sales made, or repairs scheduled.

The health crisis is just starting to hit home in our state and businesses are cutting back and closing. My company employer is considered essential, but they’re furloughing nonessential departments. A meeting is held while my only coworker is out on a personal day.

Office Manager: “We’ll be sending home the majority of the accounting department, with the exception of [Senior Employee #1], [Senior Employee #2], [Senior Employee #3]. The sales teams will be cut down to a skeleton crew, and all other departments aside from parts and repairs will be cut down or closed.”

Me: “What about scanning? Are we part-time now?”

Office Manager: “No, you’ll both be taken off the schedule until [Governor]’s order is lifted.”

Me: “But what about the paperwork? It’ll back up and you won’t be able to access the fil—”

Office Manager: “We have it handled. Effective tomorrow, you’re both off the schedule. There are resources for everyone being furloughed on [Site associated with our employee records].”

I went home and told my coworker. We both slept in the next day, shopped for snacks, and met up to watch Netflix together. Before we got going, we both got a message from a different manager at our dealership that said, “Back to full-time, starting tomorrow. I don’t know what the h*** they were thinking.”

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