Private Parts For Private Reasons

, , , | Friendly | August 26, 2017

(I am about 16 at the time. I have always had problems with my period; ever since the very first one, it has been EXTREMELY painful, and I am talking with my best friend about it. Her mother is a lesbian, and is married to a doctor.)

Friend: “You should go see [Stepmom] about it.”

Me: “I… think I would rather see someone else.”

Friend: “Why?”

Me: “I just don’t really feel comfortable with her seeing down there.”

Friend: “It’s not like she’s going to hit on you or anything!”

Me: “I’m not uncomfortable because she’s a lesbian, I’m uncomfortable because she’s your STEPMOM! I don’t want to go over to your place and hang out with someone who’s poked around in my vagina!”

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