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The Prints-iples Of IT Repair

, , , , | Working | April 2, 2018

(I’m not much of a tech expert, but I seem to have taken on the role of “IT person” for my small office, as I know marginally more about computers than my coworkers. I’ve been out of the office for a few days, and when I come back, there is a brand-new printer, still in its box, sitting on one of the desks.)

Manager: “[My Name], I’ll need you to set up that new printer today. The old one stopped working while you were gone, so I asked [Boss] to order a new one.”

Me: “Sure, but that’s strange. I didn’t notice anything off about the printer when I was last in.”

Manager: “Yeah, it just started flashing up this error message and refused to print anything.”

(I decide to take a quick look at the old printer, since it’s quite a big and fancy one with a built-in photocopier and fax machine, whereas I can see from the box that the new printer is much smaller and probably not as good. I see that the old printer is, indeed, flashing up an error message I haven’t seen before. There’s no paper jam or any other obvious issue, so I begin by restarting the printer to see if that clears the problem. Surprise, surprise, the error message disappears. I print a test page; it comes out fine.)

Me: “Good news, [Manager]! I’ve fixed the old printer!”

Manager: *looking distinctly displeased* “Nope, it’s bad news. I’m now going to have to tell [Boss] that we’re three days behind with the paperwork for no good reason.”

(Always turn it off and again, people!)