Princess Buttercup Had It Right All Along

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(My direct supervisor is six feet tall, built like a linebacker, and kind of gruff. I was initially very intimidated by him, but have since learned he’s actually very sweet. When we meet in the morning I always say, “What’s up, buttercup?” to him, and he fills me in on what happened the night before and what needs to be done today. He’s never told me he minds it. One day the manager, my supervisor’s boss, comes up to me.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], can I talk to you for a second?”

Me: “Sure, what’s up?”

Manager: “You need to stop calling [Supervisor] ‘Buttercup.'”

Me: “What?”

Manager: “It’s demeaning. Stop doing it.”

Me: “Okay? I mean, sure. I’m sorry I made him uncomfortable or anything.”

Manager: “Thanks.”

(I feel bad that I made my supervisor uncomfortable and stop greeting him that way for a few days.)

Supervisor: “[My Name], are you feeling okay?”

Me: “Yes? Why, is there something on my face?”

Supervisor: “Well, you just haven’t said, ‘What’s up, buttercup?’ in a while.”

Me: *confused* “[Manager] told me to stop calling you that, though. He said it was demeaning. I assumed that you didn’t like it.”

Supervisor: “No! If I don’t like something, I’ll tell you, okay?”

Me: “Okay.”

(Later in the day, I see my supervisor and the manager talking. I need to ask my supervisor something, so I head over, just in time to hear my supervisor shout:)


(I didn’t hear what the manager said because I was so stunned. My supervisor later told me that the manager just didn’t like that a man was being called ‘buttercup.’ I’ve since gone back to my original greeting in the morning, because apparently being called ‘buttercup’ starts his day on a good note.)

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