Primes Come Before A Fall

| Learning | September 5, 2013

(I’m starting year seven next semester, but I’m almost done with year eight math. My father gives my new tutor year eight and nine math books.)

Tutor: “Year eight and nine? How old is she?”

Father: “She’s 12. But she’s already almost done with year eight. Can you continue where she left off? It’s the last three chapters, and then continue on to year nine?”

Tutor: “She’s starting year nine next year? You said she’s 12.”

Father: “No, she’s starting year seven next year, but this is her math level.”

Tutor: “Don’t be silly; she’s a girl. I’ve only taught boys one year above their level and you’re asking two years of a girl?”

Father: “Can you teach her or not?”

Tutor: “She’s too young to be learning these.”

Father: “She’s 12. Not that age really matters. What matters is this is her math level.”

(The tutor takes the year nine book and picks one of the hardest questions. I struggle a lot and can’t do it.)

Tutor: “It’s too hard. I think she needs year seven math.”

(My dad takes the year eight book and picks one of the hardest questions on a chapter I’ve already done. I do it easily.)

Tutor: “Wow! You really weren’t kidding.”

Father: “No more, uh, complications here?”

Tutor: “Definitely no problem! I am very sorry about earlier.”

Father: “No worries. So, can you teach her the last three chapters? And then continue to year nine?”

Tutor: “Sure! And I apologize again.”

(He turns out to be a very good tutor, and is proud of what I can accomplish.)

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