Pride Comes Before A Fall

| Hamm, NRW, Germany | Friendly | June 3, 2015

(One of my friends had an accident and injured her hand. I am visiting her in hospital.)

Me: “Hey, [Friend]! How are you?”

Friend: “Fine. It’s good to finally see someone else than hospital staff. It’s boring as hell here.”

Me: “Mind to tell me exactly how you managed to nearly rip your finger off on a fence that doesn’t even have sharp corners?”

Friend: “You remember how you told me that you never go running outside, because you would fall and—” *quoting me* “—’probably break every single bone in your body or rip your arm off,’ and I said: Nah, that’s because you are so clumsy; that would never happen to anyone else?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Friend: “…That is exactly what happened to me.”

(She tripped over nothing on an even surface, which is a thing that happens to me on a regular basis and she often makes fun of, and tried to steady herself by gripping a fence, ripping her finger open to the bone in the process. She can move it just fine again, but she has not regained feeling in the finger and now uses it as a party trick. Also, she doesn’t mock me anymore for randomly falling.)

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