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What Is The Price To Get Rid Of You?

, , | Right | August 30, 2017

(The following takes place in a store that is clearly going out of business. The sales floor is in a shambles, prices of merchandise have been reduced significantly, and the staff morale is at an all-time low.)

Customer: “Hey, how much is this?”

Coworker: *scans item* “It’s [price], sir.”

Customer: “Can you give me a better price than that? You’re getting rid of it anyway, right?”

Coworker: “It’s still [price], sir.”

Customer: “You know what? I don’t know if I like that attitude of yours. I want to speak to your manager!”

Coworker: “Go right ahead, sir. He’s just gonna tell you the same thing.”

(At this point, our manager walks in.)

Manager: “What seems to be the problem here?”

Customer: “Your employee has an attitude problem!”

Manager: “Sir, I was standing right over there the whole time—” *pointing to a nearby location* “—and I heard the whole thing. All I heard was [Coworker] telling you the price of an item.”

Customer: “Well, yeah, but I don’t like the attitude she was giving me! Aren’t you going to do something about that?”

Manager: “What do you want me to do? Fire her? We’re all going to be losing our jobs, anyway!”

Customer: “I still expect you to reprimand her! That kind of behavior is unacceptable in customer service!”

Manager: “Says the guy trying to haggle like we’re at a god-d*** flea market! I don’t give a s*** anymore. Either pay the price shown on the register, or get the h*** out of my store!”

(Closing times are fun times.)

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