Previous Relationship Baggage

| Romantic | January 27, 2012

(I am at my boyfriend’s house. He’s just done a huge clearout for the first time since he moved in about five years ago. I notice a distinctly feminine, floral patterned wash-bag I’ve never seen before, sitting in the middle of his bed.)

Me: “Where did this come from?”

Him: “Oh, I left that out for you to take home with you.”

Me: “That’s not mine.” *teasingly* “You slipped up there, babe. It must be your other girlfriend’s.”

Him: “Oh. How did it get there, then?”

(He suddenly realises it must belong to an ex-girlfriend.)

Him: “I’ll throw it out if you don’t want it. Have a look inside first and see if there’s anything you want.”

(He goes back to sorting a pile of clothes. I open the bag and see a couple of bottles of moisturiser, and…)

Me: “Ugh! There’s a pair of knickers in here!”

(He hasn’t heard me. When he finishes what he’s doing, he turns to see me looking slightly disgusted.)

Him: “So? Is there anything you want in there?”

Me: “No! I don’t want your ex-girlfriend’s underwear!”

(At this point, he realises what I found in the bag.)

Him: “Oh! Sorry, babe. I had no idea what was in there.”

(He suddenly looks concerned.)

Him: “Do you think I should send them back to her?”

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