Pretty Upset That You’re Not Upset

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(Though my schedule is not written in stone, I’ve worked the same days every week for several months. Because of this, I’ve been able to plan my non-work life with little trouble. One day, I am in the break room looking over my schedule when I see I am scheduled for a day I don’t usually work. It also happens to be a day I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled.)

Me: *to myself* “Oh, crap.”

Coworker: “What’s wrong?”

Me: “Oh, I didn’t ask for next Friday off and I have a doctor’s appointment.”

Coworker: “You don’t normally work Friday, do you?”

Me: “No, that’s why I didn’t think to ask off. I’ll just have to reschedule my appointment. Oh, well!”

Coworker: “Why are you upset if you didn’t ask for it off?”

Me: “Oh, no, I’m okay. It’s my fault for not asking for it off. That’s all.”

Coworker: “I just don’t understand why you’re upset if you’re the one who didn’t think to ask for the day off.”

Me: “I’m not upset. I was just saying that I forgot and now I have to fix it. It’s not a big deal.”

Coworker: “You should have asked for it off.”

Me: *giving up* “Yeah, I guess. Lesson learned.”

(The day of the shift arrives. I walk in and my manager calls me to the office.)

Manager: “I heard there was a problem with today’s shift.”

Me: “There is?”

Manager: “It was brought to my attention that you were complaining about having to work today.”

Me: “No, I wasn’t. Who said that?”

Manager: “I can’t tell you. You know that this shift is within your availability, right?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Manager: “And you didn’t ask for the day off.”

Me: “Right.”

Manager: “So, I don’t understand what the problem is.”

Me: “Nothing. There’s no problem.”

Manager: “That’s not what I heard.”

Me: “Well, like I told [Coworker], I recognize that it’s my fault I didn’t ask for this day off. I was just basing things on how they’ve been for the last several months.”

Manager: “So, you’re upset because I scheduled you on a day you are available?”

Me: “I’m not upset. I assumed I’d have today off because that’s how it’s been for months. When I saw I was scheduled, I changed my appointment. It was my mistake.”

Manager: “I just don’t understand why you were complaining when you did nothing to prevent this.”

Me: “Oh, my gosh.”

Manager: “What?”

Me: “Nothing. Life is good.”

Manager: “Well, maybe in the future you’ll remember to ask for the day off instead of complaining.”

Me: “Yup. Thanks.”

(Apparently, my manager started using this experience as an example of thinking ahead when other employees asked for days off or had conflicts. Every time it came up, I had to explain again that yes, I know it was my fault and yes, I learned from it. And every time, my manager tells the story like I was furious and blamed him.)

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