Pretty Sure Those Things Leave A Bigger Bite

, , , , | Working | January 14, 2020

(It’s been less than a year since I moved roughly 1550 miles to my new home. When mosquito season comes around I have a pretty bad reaction to the bites. Since I can’t just go to work covered in calamine, I put adhesive bandages over them. There are a lot. And the only bandages I have are neon. Because of this, at work, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid questions from customers about what happened. I tell dramatic lies and almost everyone plays along.)

Young Girl: “What happened to your arms?”

Me: “I fought a bear...”

Young Girl: *blandly* “Oh.”

Me: “…and won.”

Young Girl: “Okay.”

(She paid for her items and left without another word. The next customer began asking questions about my fierce battle. It still amuses me that out of all the stories I made up that day, the only person who wouldn’t play along was a little kid.)

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