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Pretty Sure The Police Don’t Care About Your Sandwich

, , | Right | September 26, 2022

When I was younger, I worked at a sub sandwich chain. I was seventeen and fully enrolled in school, and I worked the closing shifts, so I was working from an hour after school finished until midnight. Our location closed at 11:00.

At 10:30 one night, a man walked in and checked the menu. We had a daily “sub of the day” that was discounted, and the man decided to order that one. I had to regretfully inform him:

Me: “I’m afraid we’re out of the meatballs for that sandwich.”

Customer: “Go make more, then!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t. We make them in the mornings because they take a few hours to defrost.”

Customer: “Fine. But then you have to make me whichever sub I want, regardless of price, for the same daily deal.”

Me: “That’s not in our policies, but I am happy to make you a sandwich from what we do have.”

He LOST it. He started swearing at me and calling me a b****.

Customer: “By law, you have to make me whatever I want for the same discounted price! I’m going to call the police!”

This went on for around fifteen minutes, and it was getting close to closing time. I’d had a long day and I was not having it. Finally, I said:

Me: “Go ahead and call the police. You can have a seat while I close up and lock the doors.”

He stormed out and I never saw him again. All of this over like… $3.

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