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Pretty Sure Lying Is The Opposite Of That

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My husband and I had a hard year a while back. We lost our house in a flood and then had a car wreck ten days later. The wreck almost killed my husband. He had multiple surgeries and blood transfusions and stayed in a hospital for months.

When my husband finally got out of the hospital and got his wound vac taken off, he was able to drive again as long as his arm was wrapped up.

The new car we had purchased ended up with a broken window after a few months, so we went to the dealership to try and price the window replacement.

A car salesman saw my husband’s arm wrapped up and asked us our story. Once he heard everything, he offered my husband a deal: come to his church that Sunday with him and he would pay for the window replacement. My husband tried to say no. but the man insisted. claiming he was doing God’s work.

That Sunday, we got our baby ready and headed to the church. When the man saw us, he wasn’t happy. He spoke with my husband and wrote down some stuff on a slip of paper.

He told us to bring the car to the dealership the next Tuesday and he would make sure our car would be fixed. That Tuesday, we did as he said and took the car to the dealership.

Once we got there, the dealership informed us that the man had quit just the day before. They didn’t know why and they couldn’t help us.

So much for doing the Lord’s work, I guess.

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