“Pretty” Good Reaction

| CA, USA | Friendly | November 25, 2016

(I’m talking to 4 school friends during P.E. I am a lesbian.)

Friend #1: “So who here is going to [Nearby High School]?”

Me: “Oh, I am.”

Friend #1: “Oh! We need to start hanging out more since you’re one of the only people going there.”

(She starts to ask me about my interest and things and one of the things to come up is feminism.)

Me: “Oh, well, I’m a feminist, too. I have strong opinions on gay marriage and abortion.”

Friend #1: “Oh, me, too! You’re against abortion right?”

Me: “Uh, no…”

Friend #1: “Oh, well… we don’t have to talk about that. What about gay marriage?”

Me: “Well, I’m gay, so…”

(She pulls a face while the other girls agree that they are for gay marriage.)

Me: “Judging by your face I’m guessing you’re not so for it.”

Friend #1: “No, not really.” *wanders away awkwardly*

Friend #2: “Well, that was awkward, but you’re gay? Oh, my god, you should really date [Girl]!”

Friend #3: “I know, right?! They would be so good together!”

(They started to squeal over what our “Ship” name would be and introduced me to the girl they were shipping me with, which basically was Friend #2 having her wait on the pathway and saying “Look, this is [My Name]. Isn’t she pretty?” as I walked by. Better reaction than expected.)

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