Pressured To Answer

| Queens, NY, USA | Learning | August 20, 2015

(We are learning about air pressure in my ninth grade science. Our teacher is notable for playing tricks on the kids and being scary.)

Teacher: *looks at me with a menacing stare* “[My Name], do you agree that if water vapor is added into the air, the pressure increases?”

Me: *feeling confident* “Yes.”

Teacher: *looks at another classmate in same fashion* “Do you agree also, [Classmate]?”

Classmate: *nervously and hesitantly* “Yes.”

(He gets everyone in class to agree, either cause of fear, or because they thought they would jump on the bandwagon to play it safe.)

Teacher: *looks at entire class* “Do you all agree?”

Class: “Yes!”

Teacher: *cheerfully with a smirk* “Wrong!”

(We all looked shocked about how he deceived us, especially our assistant teacher, whom they are known for having a playful rivalry.)

Assistant Teacher: “[Teacher], you’re horrible!”

Teacher: *still cheerful* “Why, thank you!”

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