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Press 1 For Unwarranted Attention

| Working | July 10, 2012

(I work at an investment firm’s headquarters and assist our branches in making transfers among firm accounts. After assisting an employee with his transfer, things begin to get a little weird).

Me: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Employee: “Is it okay that I’m calling you?”

Me: “Of course. That’s what we’re here for: to help the branches.”

Employee: “Yeah, but I think I may call you too much. Do you have a limit on how many times I can call?”

Me: “Not at all. If you have a question on a transfer, you can always call us and we’ll be happy to help.”

Employee: “So, I’m not bothering you?”

Me: “Nope, I’m glad to assist. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Employee: “Yeah, what was your name again?”

Me: “[Name].”

Employee: “Do you know what the etymology of that is?”

Me: “Yeah, I think it’s a variant of [other name]. It means [meaning].”

Employee: “Do you even know what etymology means?”

Me: “Yes.”

Employee: “What does it mean?”

Me: “Where the word originated from.”

Employee: “How did you learn that?”

Me: “Umm…in school. Is there anything else financially related that I can assist you with?”

Employee: *suddenly angry* “Why doesn’t anyone every want to talk to me?!”

Me: “I apologize, sir. This has been a very pleasant conversation, but I do have other calls in queue. So, unless there’s something else I can assist you with regarding a client’s account—”

Employee: “FINE!” *hangs up*

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