Present Email, Prepare Fail

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(I need one of my car headlights changed, so I pop into the nearest auto parts store to get them to do it for me. As I enter the shop, I take note of the many promo banners hanging from the ceiling, stating that if you sign up online using your email address for a store loyalty account you’ll get 10% off your next purchase. I quickly pull out my phone, sign up on their website, and then approach the counter. It should be noted that there are no codes or barcodes in the email I receive that would need to be surrendered; it’s just a generic “show this email in the store for 10% off” email.)

Me: *ready to pay, but before any services have been rendered* “I have this email here for 10% off, too, please!”

Worker: *looks at me like I’m stupid* “You can’t use that. You have to print it out and show it to us on paper.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. I assumed because all these signs say to sign up online and on the spot, I could just show you the email? The email says to present it in the store; it doesn’t mention printing it.” 

Worker: “No, you have to print the email. You can’t just show the email.” *calls a manager over* “She wants to get the discount without printing the email.”

Manager: *also looking at me like I’m daft* “Okay… How about you forward us that email, and we’ll print it out ourselves?”

(I understood that perhaps they just wanted some physical evidence to balance their register, so I forwarded the email while the manager went out the back to retrieve it. And then, I waited. And waited. I waited for ten minutes while nothing happened and no one acknowledged me further, even though I was still standing at the register. Eventually, I walked out of the store and headed to the next nearest shop, whose staff were a breath of fresh air and went above and beyond to help me. They have earned my loyalty for good even without any discount offers!)

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