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Prescribe Some Common Sense

| Friendly | November 24, 2014

(One of my best friends is on the other side of the country for her second year of med school. We are both quite busy, her with school and I with work, so it can sometimes be up to three months between our Skype calls. About a month before this takes place, she had been going through a lot of rough situations and I was quite worried about her. The next day she left for a remote community with next to no outside communication to do a practicum. This is the first time I’ve heard from her since, while I am on vacation.)

Friend: “I have terrifying but exciting news. Also, I need some help.”

Me: “Definitely! I can’t do video right now, since [Vacation Town] doesn’t have great wifi, but what’s this exciting news?”

Friend: “No worries, I can’t do video either, since drugs and stuff are taking over my life.”

Me: “That doesn’t sound good…”

Friend: “Anti-depressants, antipsychotics, and anti-seizure meds are making my head spin! Soon I’ll need one of these drugs to keep me seeing straight!”

(Since I have personal experience with mental health issues and have a relative who developed seizures suddenly in their mid-20s, I am immediately think the worst.)

Me: “Are you okay?!”

Friend: “Oh, right, sometimes I forget my non-med friends think of street drugs when I say ‘drugs.’ What I mean are Rx (prescription) drugs… Memorizing them, not using them, FYI. My news is good!”

Me: “Jeez, [Friend]! Much heart attack over here!”

Friend: “Well… I have a date this Saturday…”

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