Prepaid And Premeditated

, , , | Right | October 12, 2020

A customer is trying to have a grand old time at someone else’s expense.

Me: “Hello, how are you doing, today?”

Customer: *Reading my name tag* “I am doing good, [My Name]. Hey, I have a question. So, once I buy this Visa Prepaid card, will it be automatically uploaded?”

Me: “Yes, once you pay for the card, it will be ready to use immediately.”

Customer: “Thanks, I want to use these instead of my debit card.”

The transaction is completed.

Me: “Thank you and have a nice day.”

Customer: “Wait, I want a few more, and ring each one up separately.”

Red flag: the first transaction goes through. The customer appears very excited and starts to see if they can get more of these Visa prepaid cards, each worth $200.

Me: “So, will you be using a credit card?”

Customer: “No, it runs like a debit card. I want to use the prepaid Visa cards instead of my debit card. I have money in my account.”

Me: “Is it a credit card? I will need to see your identification?”

Customer: “This is a debit card.”

Me: “Please let me see it.”

It is indeed a debit card, but it is not the same kind of card the customer used in the previous transaction. I make sure that the customer does not try to switch cards while making the purchase. The customer enters their PIN. The card declines. The customer tries again, and again the card declines.

Customer: “I am going to have to call my bank to find out the problem.”

Meanwhile, I am trying to alert security about the situation. I guess the customer noticed that I left my register to talk to security. As I am telling security the story, the customer is heading out the door. Later, the unloaded prepaid cards are found on top of some merchandise.

Security: “Good job. I’ve never had cashiers that tell me things like this. Way to go!”

If I would have done all those transactions, the customer could have walked out with $1,200 dollars in prepaid cards!

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