Pregnant With Fury

| Working | July 3, 2017

(I work at a higher end grocery store as a bagger. One night in December I am bagging for one of my now-former coworkers, a male cashier who I and many others dislike. A couple comes up to the register with a few items, one of which is ice cream.)

Coworker: “How are you tonight?”

Wife: “I’m a bit emotional.”

Coworker: “That’s because you’re a woman.”

(Both customers and I freeze for a moment before the wife speaks up.)

Wife: *looking furious* “I’m PREGNANT.” *one couldn’t tell from the coat she was wearing, but my coworker was still a sexist jerk…*

Coworker: “Technically I am right, then.”

Husband: *points to me and one of the other cashiers, who happens to be working in the next lane* “You have two young ladies working with you, so you should be more careful about what you say about women.”

(Both the customers left and about thirty minutes later the shift supervisor pulled me aside to ask what happened, because the husband had called to complain. I told her and the next day when I was working with the coworker in question he complained about getting talked to about it. He ended up being fired sometime later for repeatedly stealing sushi.)

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