Pregnant With Concern

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(Recently, my 18-year-old daughter has been going through some health issues, and her boyfriend has been nothing but accommodating and helpful. My daughter tells me about a recent text conversation:)

Boyfriend: “What are you doing?”

Daughter: “Watching Netflix.”

Boyfriend: “What are you watching?”

Daughter:Call The Midwife.”

(A few minutes pass, then my daughter receives the following text.)

Boyfriend: “There are about a dozen in the city. Did you have one in mind? What do you need a midwife for? Is it an emergency?”

(It took my daughter a second to realize he actually thought she was telling him to call a midwife [no, she’s not pregnant], and not just watching a television show with that name. Once she stopped laughing, she explained about the show, and what a midwife is actually for [he didn’t know]. It’s funny, but it just shows what a nice boyfriend he is.)

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