Pregnant Pause And Reflect

, , , | Friendly | January 29, 2014

(My buddy had been thrown out by his heavily pregnant girlfriend over something minor. So, he’s staying at my place and ranting about it.)

Friend: “Then she started to cry over not being ready, and I kept trying to comfort her, but she just wouldn’t listen to me!”

Me: “Dude, she’s eight and a half months pregnant. She’s not gonna listen to anyone. But what happened next?”

Friend: “Then she starts sobbing about being a bad mother and not being mentally ready so I told her then she better get ready.”

Me: “You did what?”

(His eyes slowly widen with horror.)

Friend: “I said what?”

(He looks at me, completely terrified.)

Friend: “I am not a smart man.”

Me: “No you’re not, and you’re lucky she only threw you out.”

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