Pregnancy Brain Versus Terrible Tuesdays

, , , | Right | August 30, 2019

(I am the not-so-smart customer in this story. I am going to a place known mostly for their custom burritos, and they have a special on Mondays where you can get their most popular burrito and a regular drink for only $5. This is a really good deal as the burrito itself is normally over $6. I am five months pregnant, although I’m barely showing, and I am craving one of their burritos. I go in and get my burrito made, and when I get to the checkout I have the following conversation.)

Worker: “Your total is $8.49.”

Me: “You guys still do your Monday deal for the burrito and drink for $5, right?”

Worker: “Yeah, it runs every Monday.”

Me: “Oh, well, is it after a certain time?”

Worker: “No, it’s for the whole day.”

Me: “Okay, so why is my total so high? I’m getting the burrito and the drink; it should be $5.50 after tax.” 

Worker: “Um, ma’am, it’s Tuesday.”

Me: “Wait. Oh, my God, I literally just had this conversation with my husband and he also reminded me it was Tuesday. I am so sorry. I swear, ever since I’ve been pregnant I just forget everything every five minutes. This is so embarrassing.”

(The worker is about doubled over in laughter at this point, and I can’t help but laugh myself. I pull out a $10 to give to the guy.)

Worker: “Here’s your change.”

(He hands me back $4.50.)

Me: “Oh, wait. You gave me too much back.”

Worker: “Nah, I remember how my wife was when she was pregnant; I went ahead and applied the Monday deal for you. No sweat.”

(I ended up leaving him some money in their tip jar after thanking him profusely.)

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