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I Prefer My Coffee Improper, Myself

, , , | Right | May 2, 2018

(A customer and his wife come to the bar.)

Me: “Hi! What can I get you today?”

Customer: “A diet [soda] and, uh… Do you do coffee?”

Me: “Yup, of course! What can I get you?”

Customer: “Can you do a latte?”

Me: “Sure, no worries!”

Customer: “No, no, a proper latte.”

Me: “Uh, a latte, yeah.”

Customer: “No, a proper latte.”

Me: “Uh… What’s an improper latte?”

(His wife is giggling away to herself, and he and I are staring at one another totally blankly.)

Me: “Okay… I’ll just make your latte for you, sir.”

Me: *bringing over the drinks* “Is that latte… um… proper enough for you, sir?”

(His wife is totally cracking up.)

Customer: “Uh. Yes.”

(They were perfectly pleasant, but to this day I’ve no idea what he might have thought I’d have accidentally given him instead of his “proper” latte.)

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