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Preemptively Bratty Behavior

, , , , , | Working | January 26, 2021

I work retail, but most of the workers love the company so we are all definitely stressed (because of the general public) but satisfied due to the pay and coworkers. I’m a manager. My boss and I are close friends so we joke around frequently.

We are in the office. It’s the end of the night, so it’s just the two of us and our payroll clerk, who is a riot to work with. Most of the administrative staff have gone home, so it’s up to management to answer the phones. 

The phone rings; my boss and I are talking without realizing that the payroll clerk is in the middle of something and can’t get the phones. She makes an idle comment about being busy so the boss and I give each other a look and race to our respective phones. It’s immature, I know, but being silly makes working there easier.

We both grab a separate phone connected to the same line and I hear him make a victory cry and then start saying our general business greeting into the receiver. 

I assume he was able to reach the call, and I laugh and yell, “You little brat!” at my boss before slamming down my phone in defeat. That’s when I look up and see the payroll clerk and my boss looking at me in horror.

I was the one who got the call, and I just called the unknown caller a brat and hung up on them. Oops. 

The caller calls back not even a minute later and they all force me to take the call.

After the general greeting, I learn that it’s one of our part-time employees.

Employee: “Um, hi, so I wanted to call so I can quit? I can’t give two weeks’ notice and won’t be coming in for my shift tomorrow.”

I tell the employee that I will notify the proper parties and hang up. I explain the call to the payroll clerk and the boss.

Boss: “She quit without notice? That little brat! You had it right the first time!”

Question of the Week

Have you ever served a bad customer who got what they deserved?

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