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Precocious And Precious!

, , , | Right | CREDIT: OctoberJ | July 12, 2021

This morning, Easter Sunday, I was working at my convenience store. A young man, about nine I’m guessing, rode his bike up to the store to shop for drinks for his family that was visiting. It’s a small town and I know his parents. He picked up an array of sodas and canned teas and came up to the counter.

Boy: “Where is the [Beer]?”

I had to pause for a moment.

Boy: *Very seriously* “I’m buying drinks for everyone and I want to buy a can of [Beer] for my dad because that’s what he likes best.”

Me: “You need to be twenty-one years old to buy beer.”

The boy just looked at his feet.

Boy: “Oh. Okay.”

He then revisited the pop coolers and found something else for dear old dad. It was absolutely adorable.

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