Pray For Ricardo

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(Uber is still relatively new, but already very popular. I’m visiting Washington DC with my parents for an event; my dad went ahead to get the car and is coming back to pick us up at an agreed-on street corner. Some very well-dressed older ladies attending the same event are waiting nearby, and we make small talk as we wait. One of them is using Uber for the first time, and is very excited about it. Soon my dad pulls up to get us in a white minivan.)

Lady: “That’s him! That’s our Uber driver!”

Me: “Oh, ma’am, no, that’s actually my father, come to pick us up.”

Lady: “No, this is our Uber driver! His name is Ricardo!”

Mom: *joking, not aware that the lady is serious* “No, that’s our driver!”

(The lady opens the door and starts to get in, saying:)

Lady: “Thank you, Ricardo!”

(My dad is bewildered, wondering if we offered them a ride without telling him.)

Mom: “No, really, this is our car. This is my husband; he’s not an Uber driver.”

(By this time, the first lady is in the backseat, and the other two are getting in.)

Lady: “Oh… You’re not Ricardo?”

Dad: “No, sorry!”

Lady: *very dejected* “You’re not our Uber?”

Me: “No!”

Lady: “Are you sure? Is your name Ricardo?”

(They get out, and my mom and I get in. They continue to verify that my dad is NOT their Uber driver, when we hear a man’s voice calling, “Excuse me! Did you call for a ride?”)


Ricardo: “Yes, that’s me.”

(They rushed over to Ricardo in his red minivan. The funniest thing was, my dad’s name is Richard.)

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