Pray For Eat, Love

| Romantic | April 7, 2014

(My fiancé and I are sitting in the same room on our respective computers.)

Me: “I’m hungry.”

Fiancé: “Well, what do you want to eat?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Fiancé: “Do you want to go out and get something, or make something at home?”

Me: “I don’t know. ”

(A few minutes pass in silence before this happens.)

Fiancé: “Are you hungry?”

Me: “Yes.”

Fiancé: “Then you need to decide what to do about that.”

(I grab his arm and start gnawing on his hand.)

Fiancé: “No! You cannot eat me!”

Me: “But you are tasty and good!”

Fiancé: “I’m not tasty and good! I haven’t been covered in seven herbs and spices yet!”

Me: “Yet? Does this mean we’re planning something fun later?”

Fiancé: “No!”

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