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Pranks For The Laughs

, , , , , , | Learning | November 24, 2017

(Most of my friends and I have picked three to four A-level subjects which are heavily coursework-based, meaning we have to do work in our spare time. Towards the end of the academic year, some person at the college keeps setting off the fire alarm. Initially it’s a bit funny, but it ends up that we can’t go a week without at least two alarms being set off. It is now the day of the final deadline for both my English and media journalism coursework, so I am with several classmates in a computer room, working away on our final pieces. The fire alarm goes off, and we pause. One plucky volunteer goes out into the hallway and investigates. He come back and sits back at his computer, resuming his work. Prank fire alarm. Again. We go back to work. A teacher comes past and quite literally double-takes.)

Teacher: “The fire alarm, guys? Get up and go!”

Classmate: “It’s a prank, though.”

Teacher: “It might not be.”

Me: “Willing to bet on that?”

Teacher: “Okay, it likely is a prank. But you still need to follow policy and leave, in case there is a fire.”

Class Friend: “We have coursework due today, though.”

Teacher: “You could burn to death.”

Plucky Volunteer: *dramatically* “We may burn, our skin peel off and bones crumble, BUT OUR COURSE WORK WILL BE COMPLETE!” *thumps desk*

Rest Of The Room: “Aye!” *also thumps their desks*

Teacher: *laughing* “Out, now!”

(It was another prank. However, that time round my English teacher, a tall, somewhat terrifying German woman, spotted them, and it didn’t happen again.)