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Practice What You Teach

| Learning | April 11, 2013

Professor: “It is extremely important that you cite your work! I will not tolerate plagiarism!”

Student: “How do you want the papers to be cited? MLA? APA?”

Professor: “As long as you don’t take peoples’ work without crediting it, I am fine with whatever style. I am a stickler for plagiarism!”

(After going over the syllabus, she starts the first part of lecture.)

Professor: “Oh by the way, I copied and pasted some information on the internet to make this PowerPoint.”

Student: “Can you give us the site to study off of later?”

Professor: “Oh, I don’t remember what it was; just some random website that I copied!”

(Needless to say, she got even more ridiculous as the semester went on.)

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