Power Steering You To Another Dealer

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(I get my car serviced at the dealership, but I get my oil changed at the big box company shop near my work; it’s more convenient because I can drop my car off and walk to work instead of waiting there. I’m a female, but the regular guys don’t usually bother to bully me into getting additional services. The worker I talk to after this particular oil change must be new.)

Worker: “I’m calling to let you know your oil change is complete and you can come to pick up your car. I do want to mention that it looks like your power steering fluid needs to be changed.”

Me: “Oh, really? It’s still a pretty new car.”

Worker: “If you drive often, it can get dirty quicker than expected.”

(My car probably has about 12K miles on it.)

Me: “How much will it cost?”

Worker: “It needs to be completely flushed and replaced, so with labor, it will come to about $300.”

(I’m pretty surprised he’s pushing this on me. I decline a couple times but he insists it needs to be done immediately. I then call my dealership after telling him I’ll see him in a few minutes to pick my car up.)

Dealership: “Your car is too new to need your power steering fluid flushed. Let’s verify. How many miles are on your car? Do you experience difficulty turning your steering wheel?”

(He asks a few more questions. I give him all the info he asks for.)

Dealership: “Bring the car in when you have a chance, but I wouldn’t let them do that yet. We will take a look at the color of the fluid and see if it really does need changing.”

(I went back to the auto shop, declined once more for the $300 added service, and took my car to the dealership later that week. The dealership said the fluid was fine. I actually never had to change it up until the point that I traded that car in for a new car. I have multi-point inspections on my cars whenever I go in for regular maintenance checks with my dealerships, and nobody has ever insisted on services I don’t need. Oddly enough, I’ve always had really good experiences and honesty with car dealership service. I’m glad there are still honest and truthful people in the world. It’s just those darn big box companies that like to scam girls.)

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