Power Of Attorney Pales Compared To The Power Of Listening

, , , | Working | January 27, 2020

(My dad has recently suffered a head injury; I have been granted power of attorney until he recovers. As he is now unable to drive, I have decided to cancel his car insurance. I call up to see what the process is for confirming my ability to manage his policy.)

Insurance Agent #1: “Hello, this is [Insurance Agent #1]. Could I please take your policy number?”

Me: Hi. I’m calling with regards to my dad. He’s just had an–”

Insurance Agent #1: We are unable to discuss someone else’s policy with you, unless you have been previously approved.”

Me: “Yes. I understand–”

Insurance Agent #1: “Are you approved?”

Me: “No, but–”

Insurance Agent #1: “Then we cannot discuss your father’s policy with you.”

Me: “If I could please explain–”

Insurance Agent #1: “We cannot discuss someone else’s policy with you.”

Me: “Please, I’m just needing–”

Insurance Agent #1: “We cannot discuss someone else’s policy with you.”

Me: “Could I speak to someone else, please?”

Insurance Agent #1: ‘We cannot–”

Me: “I would like to speak to someone else.”

Insurance Agent #1: “Please hold.”

(I’m put on hold for about five minutes.)

Insurance Agent #2:  “Hello. You’re speaking to [Insurance Agent #2]. How can I assist you today?”

(I explain the issue and she is silent throughout with the exception of the occasional, “Ah,” and, “I see.”)

Insurance Agent #2: “I’m afraid I haven’t dealt with this before. I’ll just quickly put you on hold.” *assuming she fails to put me on hold and doesn’t realise* “She wants to know about power of attorney, you oaf!”

(Realising she’s talking to the previous agent, I burst out laughing. She panicked and profusely apologised. I told her it was fine and that it had brightened my mood. She put me on hold again — this time for real — and came back with everything I needed a couple of minutes later.)

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