The Power Of The Automotive Industry

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(One of my housemates has had to leave his car at the shop for repairs. The next day on my way to run errands I find him in the kitchen, slumped over our breakfast table.)

Housemate: “Hey, can you go grab me some coffee, if you’re going out? I’m getting withdrawal symptoms, bad!”

Me: “Uh, I fear I’m going in the opposite direction from the coffee place.”

Housemate: “Well, can you make a detour first? Just drive to the coffee place, grab me my usual order, and come back here?”

Me: “May I ask why you can’t go to the coffee place, seeing as it’s just down the road?”

Housemate: “I don’t have my car! How am I supposed to get there?”

Me: “Uh, by walking?”

(My housemate looks as if this is a major revelation.)

Me: “It’s literally two minutes to get there and back on foot. I’ve done it multiple times!”

Housemate: “F***! I never thought of that!”

(I returned later to see him sipping a huge cup of coffee. He was still amazed that he was able to acquire it without the use of his car.)

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