Pouring Your Brain Cells Out With The Drinks

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I am working at an event that starts in thirty minutes. My husband has just let me know he can’t bring me lunch like he was planning — the baby’s nap ran long — so I run to the nearest fast food place and rush through the drive-thru. 

Me: “Can I get a chicken sandwich combo with American cheese instead of Swiss? With a [drink]. And can I also get a large diet [drink]?”

Employee #1: “Sure. That will be [price]. Please pull forward.”

I do so.

Employee #2: “[Price], please. The food will be right out!”

[Employee #2] walks away. So, I wait. Five minutes in, [Employee #1] finally walks over to the window, pours my drinks, and walks back to the floor without giving them to me. She and [Employee #2] send out several in-store orders and stand around a while.

Meanwhile, I’m getting panicky about being back to my event. Finally, [Employee #1] walks to the window with a bag of food. It’s probably been over ten minutes.

Employee #1: “You had the double cheeseburger, right?”

Me: “No… I ordered the chicken sandwich.”

[Employee #1] wordlessly walks away, bag in hand. Meanwhile, I’m thinking I’ll have no choice but to drive away without the food I’ve already paid for when she comes back with a new bag.

Employee #1: “Here you go. Have a nice day.”

Me: “Um… can I have the drinks I ordered?”

Employee #1: *Snippy* “Well, I didn’t know they were yours! I just walked over here!”

Me: “So, you took my order and poured the drinks, but didn’t know they were mine?”

The employee had no response. The kicker: I finally got back to my event with about ten minutes to scarf down my food… and the order was still wrong.

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