Pouring Cream Into Your Coffee And Into Their Lives

, , , , | Working | December 30, 2019

(I’m an American on vacation in England. This isn’t an experience of rudeness, just a strange moment.)

Me: “Hi, may I have a filter coffee with cream?”

Barista: “Like… whipped cream?”

Me: “Oh, no, I think it’s called pouring cream? Or half cream? I’m so sorry, I’m not completely sure, but in the US we call it half and half.”

Barista: *slowly, as if I may be from another planet* “You want pouring cream in your coffee?!”

Me: “Um, yes, if you have it.”

Barista: “Wow, okay.”

(Several moments later…) 

Barista: *as she hands me my coffee* “This looks so good! I’m gonna have to try it!”

Me: “Okay… well, I hope you like it!”

(I actually had a version of this interaction four times while I was there. This was the weirdest one.)

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