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Pour Femme, Pour Homme, Pour Hommo

| Working | April 2, 2017

(I am shopping in a small store, just browsing, nothing serious, and go to make my purchases. I suddenly remember that my niece asked me to pick up some lipstick for her. Note: She is not with me!)

Me: *at checkout* “Oops, forgot to get my niece her lipstick!” *runs and grabs it because no one else is in line*

Cashier: “Girls love makeup. I let mine wear it at home, but not out.”

Me: “My niece wants lipstick, but her mom won’t spend the money.”

Cashier: “Really?”

Me: “Yeah, she thinks it is a waste since she is so young. She doesn’t care if I buy it.”

Cashier: “Will she just not let her have it, or just not buy it?”

Me: “She won’t buy it. I’m okay with it. I don’t have girls.”

Cashier: “You know; I bet that’ll make her turn gay. Not buying girls’ makeup and making them wear it turns them gay.”

Me: *speechless*

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