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Pot Calling The Kettle Sick

| Working | June 22, 2012

(I have an immunological problem, so I get sicker more frequently, more seriously, and for longer than most people. One winter, it seems that everybody has some kind of cold. I kept catching whatever is going around and missing work, which creates scheduling problems. I go to my boss to talk about taking me off short-term projects and putting me onto longer-term projects until the end of the virus season.)

Boss: “Well, if you’d just tell me in advance when you’re going to get sick, this would be easier.”

(Note: the boss’s toddler is also catching every bug going around at his daycare.)

Me: “I’ll tell you in advance when I’m going to get sick if you could tell me in advance when your toddler is going to get sick.”

Boss: “Touché.”

(She was very understanding after that!)

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