Postman 1, Preemptive Strike 0

| | Right | July 4, 2008

(I’m waiting in line and overhear a conversation between the customer in front of me and postman at the front counter.)

Customer: “I need to ship this package out.”

Postman: “Okay, would you like to upgrade this to priority shipping?”

Customer: “No, I just want to send this by regular mail. ¬†I don’t need anything else or any other services.”

Postman: “Okay, that’ll be $10.00 for the shipping. Do you need any stamps today?”

Customer: “No! No stamps, no certified mail, no post office box, no passport. I just need to ship this package out–that’s it. Did I miss anything?!”

Postman, without skipping a beat: “Do you need any money orders today, ma’am?”

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  • Trillium

    If a dog bites this postman, it’s fangs will be guided by karma.

    • Tracy Walters Brimhall

      They may be required to upsell or get written up or terminated if their sales are low.

      • Trillium

        You’re less likely to sell me something if you try to insist after I told you to stop upselling. If you shut up, I may change my mind. If you persist, I won’t.

        Its like when I whitelist a site on AdBlock, I keep an eye on ads to know to avoid those products on principle.

        I’m pretty sure there’re people like me out there, and person from this story is one of them.