Postage Duh-e

, | Working | October 22, 2012

(I’m calling my health insurance company, which is located about 500 km away from Berlin. I have just moved to Berlin a month ago and have not yet changed my address.)

Worker: “This is [health insurance company]. You’re speaking with [name]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Hi, this is [my name]. I need a certificate of entitlement to benefits in kind, during a stay abroad. I’m going to visit Slovenia.”

Worker: “Okay, no problem. That would be E111 form. I’ll send it to you.”

Me: “Thank you, but you have to send it to a different address because I recently moved to Berlin. It’s [Berlin address].

Worker: “Oh, that’s a problem. How do I send the form to Berlin?”

Me: *confused* “Uhm… well, did I mumble? Should I repeat the address?”

Worker: “I got the whole address, but HOW do I send the form to Berlin?”

Me: *jokingly* “…With a carrier pigeon? Or maybe you could write the address on an envelope?”

Worker: “Oh, yes! I could write the address onto the envelope!”

Me: “Great we could work that out. So thanks for your effort.”

(Until I received the letter, I was wondering if she could do it!)

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