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Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law

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My husband and I recently bought a home and property, and we have an apple orchard. We own the whole orchard, but we let our neighbors take as many apples as they want. One day, my neighbor comes up to me.

Neighbor: “How do you know [Woman Whose Name I Don’t Recognize]?”

Me: “I don’t. Who is that?”

Neighbor: “Oh, she’s a local crazy. She’s been taking some of your apples from the orchard. I’ll tell her to stop.”

Me: “Please do. I only let certain people take some apples.”

A few days later, I’m sitting with the door open when a big SUV rolls right over my mailbox and a lady sticks her head out and starts shouting at me. Then, she takes off.

A few days after that, I’m working on my car outside when the same SUV pulls up and the same woman gets out.

Woman: “I demand that you give me some apples!”

Me: “Whoa. First of all, who are you?”

Woman: “I’m [Woman]. My parents owned this house before those other people stole it and then you bought it. So I demand apples!”

Me: “No way. This house and land were legally bought and purchased, along with the apple orchard. So get off my property now, before I call [Sheriff].”

The woman spits out an angry tirade of random words and then gets back in her SUV, nearly runs over the cat, and drives away.

She still tries to steal apples from our orchard, but now we’ve installed video cameras to catch her and any other would-be thieves. She was warned to stay away several times by neighbors and police, but she insists that the house and land rightfully belong to her.

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