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Positive You Heard Negative

| Learning | January 26, 2017

(I am a volunteer for a religious education program. We are having a sign up event. Parents are here to sign up their children.)

Dad: “Hi. My daughter is in eighth grade. I need to sign her up but there are some issues with her mom and custody.” *launches into lengthy explanation of problem and what he wants to do about it*

Me: “I can do that.”

Dad: “No, you don’t understand. I’m divorced.” *repeats entire explanation*

Me: “Yes. I’m the eighth grade teacher. I would be happy to do that.”

Dad: “Can I just speak to the director?”

(I point him towards the director. He goes off to discuss it with her. She then brings him back to me. By now I have a long line of parents trying to sign their children up.)

Director: “This gentleman has a custody issue with his daughter.” *repeats entire problem* “I told him I couldn’t agree to that unless I spoke to you first. It’s quite a bit of extra work for you and I don’t want to agree without your consent.”

Me: “Yes, we already discussed it and I said it’s fine.”

Director: “Oh, great.”

Dad: “Finally! Someone who understands.”

Other Parent In Line: “Too bad it’s not YOU! She said she could do it the first two times you asked. You are the reason this line is so long.”

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