Popular Kids Can Leave You Incon-Soul-able

| Romantic | August 25, 2012

(My ex-boyfriend and I are with my best friend and her boyfriend. We are all walking around a county fair. Some popular girls from our school approach us.)

Popular girl: *to my best friend’s boyfriend* “Are you her boyfriend?” *motions to my best friend*

Best friend’s boyfriend: “Yes, why?”

Popular girl: “Well, I wanted to come over here to tell you I think you’re pretty hot.” *motions to my best friend again* “I hope you don’t mind!”

(The other popular girls begin to giggle.)

Me: *whispering to my ex-boyfriend* “Quick! Don’t look at them! They’ll steal your soul!”

(My ex-boyfriend throws hand over heart and gasps, and fakes his death by fainting dramatically. The popular girls stare and walk away.)

Ex-boyfriend: “Did it work? Are the soul stealers gone?!”

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