Pop Goes Their Scam

, , , , | Right | April 4, 2018

(I’m working the front desk one night. Around nine pm I hear a guest walk over to the vending machines. I hear them put in money, I hear the can of pop being dispensed, and I hear the change come out. The guest then walks up to me, empty-handed, with a suspicious bulge in his sweater pocket. This kid is no older than 13 or 14 years old.)

Customer: “Hey, um… I just put $2 in your machine and, like, nothing even came out. So… yeah. Can I, like, get my $2 back?”

Me: “So, nothing came out at all?”

Customer: “Yeah, it just kept my money and didn’t give me my pop.”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Let me give you your money.”

(I fill out a little ticket with the guest’s room number, the amount, and the reason for the refund, and have him initial it. Then I take $2 from the cash drawer to give to him.)

Me: “Okay, here you go. That’s $2.”

Customer: “Okay, great. Thanks.”

(As he’s saying this, he takes the can of pop out of his pocket, opens it, and takes a sip.)

Customer: “I guess I’ll go try again.”

Me: *looking at the pop in his hand* “Um…”

Customer: *after a pause* “Oh, yeah. I brought this from my room.”

(He then went to get another pop and ran back to his room. Some people’s kids, eh?)

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