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Pop Goes His Career

| Related | May 8, 2012

(My brother goes to a university in a city that has been having problems with violent crime. He is applying for a resident assistant position at his school. My brother also carries his pocket knife everywhere.)

Brother: “So, apparently knives make people nervous.”

Me: “Duh.”

Brother: “RA processing took a weird turn yesterday.”

Me: “How do knives figure into your RA application?”

Brother: “Group processing was yesterday morning. There was an activity with balloons. At the end, they asked us to pop our balloons.”

Me: “With knives?”

Brother: “They just said pop the balloons.”

Me: *light bulb going on* “You pulled out your pocket knife during an RA application event?”

Brother: “I was popping balloons.”

Me: “You pulled out your knife?”

Brother: “They said to pop the balloons!”

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